How to land your dream job checklist

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❓Do you think it may finally be a good time to move on in your professional journey?

⁉️ Maybe you were made redundant? :(

🤔 Are you wondering what the next steps are? And how to land your dream job?

💡 I have something for you!

I prepared a process that will help you to get your new job! 🎯

Everything in a form of the mini-course containing:

☑️ interactive checklist, including information on how to:

  • prepare your LinkedIn profile, including photo, headline, about section, and other important components
  • structure and edit your CV, including examples of the “executive summary“
  • prepare for the interview, including the questions examples and how to check a startup condition and your new role
  • check your future employer thanks to tools and articles I included
  • connect with experts, thanks to my recommended list of people I follow

📘eBook compiling all sections from the above checklist to get a coherent view of all the information and knowledge

🗞️ newsletter to have access to all additional materials

📌 You will gain:

🕰 Time! I spent a lot of hours digging the interwebs to gain this knowledge. My list aggregates everything for you.

✅ A step by step process to follow to land your dream job. It will walk you through. All you need to do is perform all tasks.

🛠️ A list of tools that will help you to tick every task easily.

🌐 A list of websites that you should check as a part of your research and preparation, including salary negotiation, employee feedback for a company.

🤝 A list of people you should follow to learn, connect and network while you are looking for your dream job.

📧 Access to the extra information: book reviews, podcast recordings and newsletter updates.

And… 🥁… a few presents:

🌱 Contact to a professional career coach with a 10% discount

🔧 Discount for a GTD ™️ tool that you may want to use (it works for free, but if you want to up your game, I have you covered)

🎓 Access to a session for a mock-up interview, entirely free (subject to popularity and availability :))


You can access the checklist and download the eBook for free, just type “0“ in the price field.

☕ Just to let you know, my favourite coffee is Black Americano, and it's £3 🤎

I want this!


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How to land your dream job checklist

2 ratings
I want this!